On March 11th, 80 students from Banting Memorial High School (including myself) all went to Brugge for the day.

We had the opportunity to do a walking tour around the city which was one of my favourite experiences of the trip so far.

The architecture in Brugge is so beautiful and overall reflects the history of the city. I thought it was so interesting that some of the buildings were built as long ago as the 1200’s. After our tour, my friend and I had Belgian waffles for lunch.

They are so good and definitely worth a try! We ate in the Markt of Brugge and walked around the shops after lunch. The Markt was my favourite place in Brugge because the buildings are so colourful and different than anything I’ve ever seen in Canada.

Brugge is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to and is worth a visit.

– Hannah Brayford

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