After having rested in comfortable beds, and having enjoyed a delicious breakfast (that actually included chicken wings), we boarded the bus and made our way to Brugge.

Brugge is a perfectly preserved medieval town and the capital of West Flanders. The picturesque town features a wealth of interesting old buildings, canals, cobblestone streets and let’s not forget, unfathomable amounts of chocolate and waffle shops.

Bruges still retains a distinct medieval air. As we strolled through the narrow streets on our walking tours, and over small bridges over the canals, we immediately under its spell.

We were so charmed by the unique environment. It’s said to be the most delightful of all the cities of Flanders (the Dutch-speaking northern part of Belgium). The center of Bruges is quite small. Even though we only spent half a day there, we walked away with a good impression of what it has to offer.

We visited the belfry, the Burg with the Basilica of the Holy Blood, perused around the canals, and indulged in waffles at the Markt, Bruges’ pristine main square.

The students enjoyed their free time to explore in small groups. Most of them came back with either waffles, chocolates or shopping bags in tow (some of them managed to come back with all 3).

Bruges was a crowd-pleaser to say the least.

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