What a successful day!  A leisurely ride north through the country side brought us to our traditional sugar shack! Greeted par une Calèche for a quick wagon ride to the main house; we peeked inside the syrup boiler, while the 5th generation master tapper explained the process of making our famous Canadian sugar! Did you know that our early Indigenous Brothers and Sisters were the first to discover this sweet and medicinal treat?!  Moving to the Mess Hall to enjoy a sweet brunch of crepes, beans, sausage, ham and of course Sirop d’Érable; we were entertained with music and dancing as the group joined in on the spoons and the chicken dance in fine Québecois form! Once we couldn’t possibly eat any more….or can we… we moved outside to make our very own tire d’érable; rolling the syrup in snow to create our taffy on a stick! I guess just a little more syrup couldn’t hurt! We then toured the grounds of the forest, played in the snow, and spoke with the sites inspirational owner Pierre, before stopping off in the shop for gifts and souvenirs! Hitching a short ride on the wagon once more, we headed back to the bus and commenced our return to Montreal! Luckily we managed to get back with enough time for a quick stop at the Mount Royal Look-Out! What a view!  Then it was back on the bus toward Mcgill University for a tour of the facilities! Current student Jack showed us the library and study hall, gymnasium, stadium, and lecture hall!  Finally, our trusty chauffeur, Jean-Marc, is always there when we need him to take us back to the hotel for a short rest and time to put on our ‘best vest’ and dress for dinner! I’m continually impressed by the promptness and organization of this group! Je vous remerçie mes amies! A quick jaunt round the corner lands us at the Vieux-Port Steak House! But Wait! Attendez-vous! We must pop in for some souvenirs and gifts pour qu’on puisse souvenir de notre visite au belle Ville de Montréal! Afterwards we can hunker down for a special dinner to celebrate the first leg of our journey! The students are well behaved and receive praise and  compliments from the staff! 🙂 Well done Moms and Dads! What fun we’ve had! Ce que C’est Drôles!  Better get to bed for our early morning departure to the province’s founding city of Quebec!

Bonne Nuit!

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