One of the best things one can do in Italy is eat.

Although we typically associated Italian cuisine with pasta, and pizza, there are obvious experts in other areas like dessert, and more specifically; chocolate.

We were fortunate enough to visit Dona Malina, in the Le Cure neighbourhood of Florence.
Named after the Aztec princess who allegedly introduces the conquistadors to cocoa, the people at Dona Malina unite quality ingredients and produce some darn good treats.

In addition to simply munching on these delicate sweets, we also discovered and embraced our inner chocolatiers in the chocolate laboratory (or kitchen and some like to refer to it) at the back of the shop.

The shop owner, Lucia, walked us through the entire chocolate making process, and provided us with mouth-watering samples along the way.

Their shop has been open for over 10 years. At Dona Malina they experiment with new recipes on a daily basis. This was an astonishing chocolate experience and fun experience for the students.

The chocolate (and bonus addition of gelato) made it well worth the walk from the city centre.

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