We arrived in Quebec City, our country’s founding Ville Européen! Upon arrival we toured Place D’Armes and Chateaux Frontenac! We saw the view of Lévis from Upper Quebec, and learned of  the British advantage as they managed to cross the river on a dark night, impersonate French soldiers, and climb a pass within the cliffs. Landing on high ground, and surprising the French Army, and it’s General Montcalm, they solidified victory for the British Empire: ultimately dictating the outcome of the battles of 1759-1760 on the Plains of Abraham. The foundations of bilingual Canada are born! From Upper Quebec we took the Funiculair, with its fabulous views, down to Lower Quebec to souvenir shop and warm up avec une chocolat chaud; before meeting local Robert for a walking tour through the charming streets inside the old fortifying walls. After our historical and engaging tour, and a quick peek inside the renowned and respected Laval University, we re-boarded our coach to the fabulous Hilton Québec! What a treat! Finally after checking in, and taking advantage of a short rest, we strolled out to Rue St. Louis to enjoy La Boeuf Québcois Traditionnel! Délicieux! Better get to bed for our full day of touring La Citadelle, learning to load a musket on Les Plaines d’Abraham, and visiting La Musée des Beaux Arts at the edge of the fantastic neighborhood of Montcalm! What a day! How nice to enjoy a lovely meal at Tuscanos Restaurant, before crossing over to the cinema, and sitting back to relax and enjoy Captain Marvel! So much fun! Time to pack up and get some shut eye before our early morning to our Nations Capital Ottawa!

Bonne Rêves Mes Elèves! À Demain! 

Allons-y! On continue!

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