Food is a big part of Italian life.

Pizza, pasta, gelati, paninis…there are so many things that one can expose their palate to, and we’re totally embracing that.

For the most part, Italians cook with the seasons and typically use local products and produce.
One can taste the difference simple, fresh and high-quality local produce make.

We’ve been pretty fortunate to have indulged in many tasty meals and snacks, at various restaurants and even at an agricultural tourism farm (“agroturismo” as they call it in Italian).

In addition to simply eating, meals have been a great opportunity for the students to relax, reflect and connect with each other.

Rather than getting free time and something quick, dinner is part of our travelling ritual and a part that both students and teachers really take in.

Whether it’s been a simple salad at lunch or a three course meal at dinner, our bellies have been full and our taste-buds satisfied.

Dessert and coffee are on another level of their own. The espressos, cappuccinos and gelati have been incredibly good (and super cheap I might add).

Starbucks definitely won’t cut it when we’re back!

Do you have a favourite Italian food?

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