Time to pack up and say goodbye! But not before One Last Day Together! The sun is back! The sky is blue! Let’s head to our last destination: The National Gallery! A phenomenally built edifice with stunning architecture! Thank goodness the sun’s out; accentuating the spectacular views of light seeping through its windows, and bathing in it’s corridors! Upon arrival we break up into smaller groups to explore more intimately the various Canadian and International Artists that grace us with their emotive and inspiring work! Discovering the many styles, epochs, and forms of Classical and Modern Art makes this is a fantastic place to bring our trip to an end! Quelle Beauté! After our self guided tour, we pop into the gift shop to grab a few souvenirs one last time; so as not to forget this enchanting experience! Before heading to the Rideau Center for lunch, and a final shop; we stop for hot chocolate to warm our hands en route through this bright yet, crisp, winter morning! Don’t forget to get a few more photographs of the city in radiant sunlight before our evening departure, and the end of our most excellent adventure! 😉 Thanks to our chauffeur Jean Marc we always arrive safely and on time! Merci encore une fois Jean-Marc!:)

Merçi mes amies pour avoir me rejoindre durant cette superbe aventure! What a pleasant trip it has been! The students of Stratford Hall has amazed and inspired me each day! What bright young individuals, with ideas and personalities all their own! The future is in good hands my friends! It has been such a pleasure (and a treat!) to accompany this polite, well spoken, interestingly-minded, and inquisitive bunch! I will miss my time exploring with these fine young citizens of the world! I wish you all well! Good luck in your future! Keep up your education through travel, language, questions, observations, and of course: hard work! You’re all on a fantastic track to greatness! Thank you for joining me!

Je vous remerçie! C’était une plaisir, et bien amusante! J’espère qu’on se revoit un jour! Je vous souhait de la bonne chance!

Le Monde est a Vous! Allez-y! Prennez -Le! N’hésitez -pas!

Thank you to Ms.Li, and Mr. Fraser! I am so happy to have had the pleasure of assisting with your trip! I hope you have enjoyed it! What a fantastic group of students!  They are lucky to have you as role models and teachers. Good luck with the rest of the year! Perhaps we shall do it all again next year! All the best!

Your guide,

Rachael 🙂

Merçi et Bonne Nuit! Thank you, and Goodnight!



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