Bongiorno tutti!

This is Jamie Donnici, one of the two St. George’s teachers on this trip, and I’m going to be writing a guest post telling you about our adventures in Napoli and Pompeii.

We started off our day with a bus ride into Napoli, where we stopped at the Museo Archeologico. Here, we had the pleasure of seeing many beautifully preserved Roman statues, frescos and mosaics. The boys recognized many of these from their studies, and impressed our tour guide with their knowledge.

After the museum, we stopped for a well-deserved lunch at a traditional Neapolitan Pizzeria, where we were astounded by the size of the massive pizzas. Only a few of us were daring enough to finish our portions, but everyone enjoyed their meal thoroughly.

Our last stop was Pompeii.

The boys had really been looking forward to this excursion, as it included a visit to the famed house of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus.

Caucilius is the protagonist of the Grade 8 Latin textbook, and his character is based on a Roman banker of the same name who lived in Pompeii. As Caecilius died in the Pompeiian eruption, a scene which is also tragically depicted in their textbook, the boys had decided to hold a funeral ceremony for him. They dressed in black, read the textbook passage depicting his death, performed a eulogy, and shared their favourite memories of him. There was much lamentation! I’m sure that the collection of tourists passing by greatly appreciated the spectacle too. You don’t get to see a Roman funeral every day!

After another lovely dinner back at our hotel, we went to bed ready for the next adventure.


Mr. J. Donnici

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