Ciao! This is Chris, one of the many students on the tour. I’m honored to be given the opportunity to write about our day at the island of Capri.

The morning started out with a beautiful walk down to the Sorrento harbour, where we would take a ferry to Capri. There was quite the joyous and high energetic mood throughout the group, shown through a certain “attempt” to go for an early swim.

Our tour guide was an extremely dynamic woman named Marianna. Throughout the trip, she gave insightful commentary and made the experience fun and safe.

The boys were certainly impressed as most of them laid their eyes on Capri for the first time.

After settling into the port, we boarded another boat for a tour around the island. As the boat took us around the island, Marianna described the land features and some of the island’s history.

After some free time, we drove back down to the Piazzetta di Capri, the main square on the island.

Here, the boys had some more time to explore the island, where some of the us bought souvenirs and explored the beautiful scenic points.

Upon returning to Sorrento, the boys had some time to enjoy the city further. A few of us caught the beautiful Sorrento sunset, others grabbed gelato, and some just relaxed at the hotel.

The day ended with a wonderful dinner at the hotel.

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