Where has the time gone? Just yesterday we were in Florence and then all of a sudden we’re on our way to Rome. Incredible.

It has been a busy trip for us, as we explore various parts of Italy and jump around from place to place.

However, many of the students were quite excited to set out for Rome on Sunday morning as we took the bus from Sorrento.

But first…a stop at a beautiful basilica just outside of Rome with our wonderful guide, Heidi.

The Papal Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, commonly known as St. Paul’s Outside the Walls, is one of Rome’s four ancient, papal, major basilicas.

It blew us away. Words and photos simply do not do it justice.

The interior of the Basilica of St. Paul is quite magnificent.

It features extremely enormous marble columns and beautiful gold mosaics.

It was a great way to warm-up to all that Rome has to offer.

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