Gelato has been a pillar of our trip to Italy.

Everywhere we go, it’s great, but Rome has really hit it out of the park.

On our first day here, we went to San Crispino, with flavours ranging from Honey to Caramel Meringue. It was evident that the group was a fan when four boys went back inside to get a second, bigger portion not two minutes after finishing their first scoop.

The next day, my group went back there twice!

We also went to Gelateria del Teatro, which had delicious, creative flavours like Garden Sage and Raspberry or Mango Chutney.

Overall, Italian gelato has certainly changed my perspective on ice cream in general: no longer will I settle for the supermarket trash that I’ve been eating before this trip. From now on, it’s only freshly imported gelato for me!

(Just kidding! Can you imagine any teenage boy being picky about what food he eats?)

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